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If you’ve never been in Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day (it’s March 17th!), you’re missing out. A few years ago I visited for a work conference and was shocked to see that the city had dyed the ENTIRE river green. It was intense – I could see it from my hotel room window. Everywhere was dripping in green and gold that day and while it was pretty, I was glad when everything went back to being a little more subdued the next day. I think the same goes for our homes – it’s fun to decorate big for one day, but to have loud decor up all the time would be too much. The good news is, I’ve got the secret to having it both ways. (PS: Kitchen update posts incoming, just polishing up a few things before they get posted!)

Here the secret:

Celebrating a holiday and decorating for a holiday don’t have to be the same thing.

You can have your normal home, with your normal routine, and your normal dishes and linens, and still celebrate any holiday you please. There are classy, subtle ways to incorporate what is typically very loud holiday decor into your home.

I don’t typically decorate for holidays (except Christmas) because I just don’t like messing with that much…stuff. But that doesn’t mean I’m not inspired by it. I LOVE green – it’s actually my favorite color, and St. Patrick’s Day is chock full of it. But here’s the difference…I want to celebrate a holiday, not decorate my home for it. Celebrating lets you acknowledge the holiday, decorating is just more work for you to undo later when it’s all over.

As I was scrolling through Etsy during another midnight feeding the other night, and came across so many beautiful St. Patty’s day inspired home goods which inspired me to write this post. I think incorporating the hues/themes of a holiday subtly around your home is like the grown up version of the elementary school St. Patrick’s Day party with green glitter hats and lucky charms (and I’m up for anything that makes me think of candy disguised as breakfast).

For example, how cute are these green and gold pencils? I’m all about gorgeous office supplies, and these are right up my alley. Plus, grammar. The irony of that sentence is not lost on me. Green works all the way through spring and into summer, too, so even beyond St. Patrick’s Day they have lots of use.

I also love finding functional things that work well as decor in my home. Take this green and gold backpack for instance – isn’t it gorgeous? I would much rather stare at that than my ratty old backpack from high school. If something is bothering you (especially when it comes to open storage), see if there’s a more eye-pleasing alternative out there. The green color is perfect for the season, but would definitely work year-round.

It doesn’t get much more magical than this fabric – I think St. Patrick himself would approve. I mean, rainbows, forests, oceans, storms, all in one print? Yes please. I think I would make this into a pillow, or perhaps hang is as a mural on a small wall. What a conversation piece, right?

But here’s where my heart stopped – I’m a sucker for bowls. I have more containers in this home than should be legal. “BUT THINK OF ALL THE THINGS YOU COULD PUT INSIDE!!!” says my brain, but my storage says no. I might have to make an exception for this green and gold malachite beauty, though.

While we’re on the malachite train, here’s a gorgeous stone that I would love to use as a paperweight or tchotchke on a shelf. It’s polished smooth, and is pretty mesmerizing to look at. I collected rocks when I was younger, and would have loved to have this beauty.

We have some royal blue throws just like this pillow, but I’m tempted to try out emerald instead. Any kind of jewel tone will never go out of style, and velvet is soooooo nice to lay your head on. Plus, I’ve heard leprechauns come visit you in your dreams if you fall asleep on one (kidding, but that would be SO COOL).

I’m eternally looking for a way to incorporate more light into our home. While I LOVE so much about it, it’s pretty dark inside, even during the day. These sconces are perfect for a bathroom or bedroom – the green and gold work together SO well. And if green or bolder hues aren’t usually your go-to colors, light fixtures are a great way to work them into your home in a small way.

Another great, but sneaky place to incorporate bolder colors like green and gold is hardware. It’s such a simple swap, but can completely change the feel of a piece of furniture. I really want to do this with my daughter Emma in a few years to update the dresser I painted for her in her nursery. The green and gold round ones are from DesignInFocus and the raw cut ones are from CoastersNmoreStudio.

Last, but definitely not least, are these poufs/ottomans. I can see the rectangular one in a kid’s playroom, the moroccan one in a studio or teen’s bedroom, and the green and gold one next to my mirror in my closet. I would instantly feel prettier every time I put my shoes on sitting on that beauty.

I threw together a little mood board for ya – I’ve been really into them lately (I even did one for our kitchen remodel, which you can find here).

I've rounded up 12 finds from Etsy that caught my eye, all themed around St. Patrick's Day and the gorgeous green and gold hues that go with it. Holiday decorations don't have to be shamrocks to be festive - you can decorate your home in a festive way and still have it classy and refined. #stpatricksday #etsy #moodboard

Overall, I love incorporating things that remind me of my leprechaun-laden heritage (I have more freckles than I can count, and I ONLY burn in the sun), but that doesn’t mean I have to have shamrocks dripping from every surface. Each holiday only comes once a year, and I don’t want to feel guilty when it’s over and my decor is still up. We’ve got enough guilt about all the other stuff in our lives, right? We might as well celebrate instead of decorate, and let the holidays inspire us instead of overwhelm us.

12 Green and Gold St. Patrick’s Day Items To Celebrate, Not Decorate


We’ve lived in our house for about two years now, and have made lots of little updates here and there in our bedroom. It’s looked pretty much the same since we moved in. Recently, we’ve made quite a few little master suite updates though, so I thought everyone deserved to see what our space looks like now.

When we bought the house, we also bought a bed frame from Amazon, fully expecting to replace it in a year or two. I’m happy to say it’s still around and shows absolutely no wear. Unfortunately, the wooden slats are starting to sag. It was time to upgrade to a steel box spring that would stand the test of time.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Enter, Amazon again (here’s an affiliate link to the exact frame we bought). Getting a box spring home was going to require renting a truck, and I was pleased to see we could just have one delivered. This thing is SERIOUSLY sturdy, and surprisingly completely changed the feel of our bed for the better. Aaron and I are both tall, so the added height was welcome as well. We just slapped a white fitted sheet on it, and it blends right in with the rest of our bedding.

You might notice a few other changes in the wide shot – new linens. One of my absolute favorite things to change in a room is bed linens. They add such a HUGE impact to a room, and are generally pretty inexpensive, compared to a large remodel. Our master suite (that sounds so fancy!) is a wonderful space, and one of my favorite places in the house. Aaron painted it for me when I was pregnant with Emma, and every time I look at the walls, it reminds me of how wonderful of a man he is. But every once in awhile, I get an itch to update something, and that usually means a trip to Target for some new sheets or a new coverlet. (Here’s an affiliate link to the exact one we have!)

Master Bedroom

The new bedding is SO comfy, and I love that we can layer it over our regular duvet to add a little bit of extra warmth (not that we really need it most of the time here in Texas). Tabby likes to snuzzle up underneath it all and make her own little nest, so it rarely looks this neat and tidy, but it’s comfy all the same. And any kind of help with sleeping is absolutely welcome at this point (I’m looking at you, preggo insomnia!).

Master Bedroom

We used to have some lovely yellow pillows, which you can see in this post, adorning the front of our giant pillow stack, but sadly they didn’t last. Time to upgrade to something even better! With the amount of spit-up that our house will see in the next few years, I decided to try and go for something a little more durable. Enter these faux leather pillows – they have just enough texture and wipe clean SO easily. And ignore the color on Target’s website. In real life, they are a beautiful light brown that matches with almost anything.

Master Bedroom

Another new feature in this room is the desk (here’s an affiliate link to the exact one we have). We’ve actually had it for a few years (it used to be my makeup vanity when I had time for that kind of stuff), but bringing it back out from storage has made this room so much more functional for us. Aaron has been working pretty late some nights, since he’s staying home with Emma for now, and it’s nice to be able to be next to each other when I’m putting her down in the evenings. Paired with a comfy chair that I found at HomeGoods (similar, similar, similar), it has turned into a nice little workspace when he needs it.

Master Bedroom

Spinning around to the other side, not much is new. Just a few little odds and ends, some decorations on the dresser (which, let’s be honest, is usually covered in laundry that needs to be put away). We are still dreaming of upgrading the tv – this is the very first one we bought as a couple nearly 8 years ago! I would also love to rip out the NASTY carpet, which is the same stuff that was on our stairs, and replace it with hardwoods like we have upstairs, but that’s a project for when I’m not seven months pregnant.

Master Bathroom

Finally, we get to the bathroom part of our master suite updates. I have big plans for in here (carving out a shower from one of the closets, adding a tub, new flooring, new vanity), but for now little updates have made it so much prettier. I realized the other day that I’ve never really shared this space on the blog, so here it is! We swapped out the light fixture that came with the house for an oil rubbed bronze one, and painted all the walls, doors, and trim. No plans on painting the vanity for now, since half of the doors are broken and I’d rather wait to invest in a new one.

Master Bathroom

I tend to like to have some of my ‘get pretty’ items out on the counter, but love the simplicity of just having soap and one little flower there. So the compromise is a free side table I scored from Nextdoor. It’s got some pretty interesting things carved into it, but the price was right and it fits the space beautifully. I picked up a little tray from the dollar spot at Target, threw in a faux plant, and called it done. It’s so functional and I love the way it looks. Trays seem to visually corral anything you put in them and make a space look so much cleaner. If you can’t seem to cut down on the clutter, just put it in a tray! Is that the same as just shoving the closet closed and calling it a day? Nah. (But I won’t tell).

Master Bathroom

One of my favorite parts of the master suite are the french doors that lead to the bathroom. It gives us enough separation that we can get some privacy if we need it, but honestly they stay open 99% of the time. Since the wall they are on is at an angle, it’s really the only type of door that could work there. It gives us a beautiful, big opening, and I love the way the light streams into the bedroom from the window in the bathroom. If we had everything closed off, it would be even darker in our bedroom than it already is.

Master Bathroom

One of the unique challenges in this space is the lack of open walls. There really isn’t one anywhere in here, which means there is no place to hang a towel. I know a lot of people use the bars on their sliding glass doors to their shower to hang one, but I just can’t get on the ‘fold-a-wet-towel’ train. I’m more of a ‘just-hang-it-back-up-casually’ kind of girl. And if you’re somebody that washes their towels every day, good for you! I’m just not there yet. We ended up adding some simple oil rubbed bronze hooks to the back of our hollow core doors with drywall screws, and it has worked beautifully!

So there you go! Our master suite has gotten quite a few little updates over the last two years, and I’m super happy with where it’s at. Higher bed+super cozy linens+semi-organized bathroom = happy Catherine.

For anyone that is wondering where we got things in the rooms, here’s a big list for you!

Bed Frame / Quilt / Sheets / Faux Leather Pillows / Similar Euro Pillows / Similar Sheers / Similar Curtain Rods / Storage Cubes / Storage Cube Inserts / Similar Dresser / Bedside Lamps / Desk / Similar Chair / Large Mirror / Wicker Basket / Towels / Similar Ceramic Owl / Candlesticks

You can also always find paint colors and sources for everything here in our House Tour.

Moving Up: Master Suite Updates

Master Bedroom


Remember how I mentioned I wanted to find some cheap chairs for the backyard? Well while I was waiting to meet up with a friend for dinner, I happened to stop in Target…as one does. I was looking for a runner for our stair project and happened to walk past a display with these chairs.

They may or may not have come home with me, and now live in my backyard. It’s funny, the same thing happened at Home Goods a few months ago with a faux plant. Without further ado, here are all the details on my latest impulse buys: potted plants and patio furniture. (more…)

Potted Plants and Patio Furniture

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This week’s Room Redesign features Amanda, who is actually a fellow Austinite! I was looking through her Pinterest and blog looking for inspiration for her and realized we’re practically neighbors. It’s such a small world, isn’t it? She blogs over at Sequins and Soul, where she talks about her journey discovering herself and growing as a person. This girl has some serious style and was super inspiring, so I can’t wait to show you what I came up with.

First up, as always, are the before pictures. I’m super jealous of how much light is in this room already – what a beautiful space! The artwork she already has too is top notch, so I’m excited to integrate it into the space.


Amanda’s Contemporary Eclectic Living Room

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Hello again, everyone! I’m back today with a new kind of post – a Room Redesign. I love solving problems and figuring out how spaces can work, but can only rearrange the rooms in my house so often. Aaron is so sweet and always helps me, but I think he could do with a little less ‘Honey, what if we moved the…’ ???? Which is why I want to bring you some redesigns of a few fellow blogger friends. Today is Sarah’s bedroom – she writes over at Transfer Ways and asked if I could help her re-imagine her bedroom. It’s certainly a transformation from a very traditional room with lots of items to a light, airy space.


Sarah’s Light and Airy Bedroom

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